Reve21natural hair growth


Create the English website for a major established hair restoration company based out of Japan.


Reve21 is a major player in the global hair restoration market, founded in 1993. With around a thousand employees and hundreds of thousands of customers, I knew there would be a lot of eyes on the website and I was responsible for all design and development on the project.

Content Strategy

With a robust Japanese website already in place, the first step was figuring out exactly what content we needed to begin pulling from that and translating for North American audiences. I created a sitemap based on that content which once approved by the client, I was able to use to start visualizing the project scope and deciding how to best showcase that content for the desired market.

We would be focusing on the hair restoration processes and the plans offered, as well as giving a history of the company.

Reve21 Visual Designs

How it works

Reve21 has some interesting techniques involved with their hair growth methods, including the use of a number of their own patented devices. It was important to the client that we outline these methods to give visitors an idea for what the Reve21 hair growth process looks like.

I addressed this by including a step-by-step walkthrough of the various methods used throughout the process, with plenty of imagery and brief descriptions of each step along the way.

Reve21 - How it Works

Customer Confidence

We knew that many North Americans have never heard of Reve21, and that it would be important to instill confidence in potential customers by giving them a history of the company, and some insight into just how established the brand is. In addition to adding a company biography to the website, I made sure to use color and imagery to tie into the existing brand identity. I also included customer testimonials.


I developed the website within WordPress as a custom theme so the client would be able to quickly and easily update content without the help of a developer. In doing so I made sure that all content, included content within stylized regions, was all accessbile and editable.