Don's Group Attire Administration & Catalog System


Eliminate administrative pain points for employees, streamline catalog organization, and introduce responsive design.


Don’s Group Attire has been customizing and distributing clothing in and around Seattle since 1946. They serve a number of well known companies from the area, including The Space Needle, Fred Meyer, Community Transit, King County Metro and others.

They have a fairly robust administrative system that they use to handle all of their customers, ordering, catalogs, and crediting. This system had several pain points for employees, and needed a complete overhaul.

Don's Group Attire improved catalog editor

Improved Catalog Editor Functionality

This client organizes their entire catalog of merchandise in different groups and subgroups of clothing type all nested amongst each other. It’s a critical part of the business, and their existing catalog editor was probably the biggest pain point of the entire system.

It was clunky and unintuitive, with users needing to use a variety of confusing buttons with no labels to add, nest, rearrange, and view catalogs. The result was that there were a number of mislabelled, misplaced, and/or otherwise broken catalog groupings.

I made it a priority to completely overhaul this system, creating an all new catalog editor using drag and drop functionality to rearrange and nest catalogs, and clearly labeled buttons to add/edit and view various catalogs. The result was a far more intuitive and easy-to-use system to organize their merchandise.

Responsive Design

The existing administrative system was not responsive, and therefore not mobile-friendly. Many elements such as the navigation did not even display on mobile making it completely unusable on phones or tablets. Although most of the usage for this system would be done on desktop machines, we did still want it to be usable across all devices and so we implemented all of the standard best practices for mobile devices.

Don's Group Attire on mobile