Ha'ena State Park checkout & reservation system


Create a checkout system for Ha'ena State Park to help them limit the number of daily visitors.


Ha'ena State Park is a gorgeous park on the northern tip of the island of Kauai. Unfortunately, word had gotten out about it and the park was getting far more visitor than the road to the park or the parking space could handle.

To help protect the natural beauty of the park and to ease traffic on the road for locals, a sytem was needed to limit the number of daily visitors to the park.

Checkout Process

It was up to me to create the checkout process visitors would go through to obtain park passes. Hawa'ii State Parks had set new limits for the number of daily visitors, but even more importantly a hard limit on the number of vehicles. Because of this we needed to sell separate vouchers for entry and parking.

Making things more difficult was the fact that parking was to be broken up into three different time frames - morning, evening, and sunset. Significant planning was needed to make sure the user flow was still clear despite these exceptions.

Ha'ena State Park Checkout Process Creating the checkout process for reservations at Ha'ena State Park.

Heavy Website Traffic

Once the system was released we could see just how badly it was needed. Parking vouchers were selling out almost instantly. We restricted voucher sales to 30 days ahead, with new vouchers being made available at midnight Hawa'ii time. Still, parking passes would sell out in minutes during the middle of the night.

Vouchers for Park Entry

Upon completing the checkout process, users would receive a pdf voucher that they could choose to either print out or download to their phone. Since the park is remote, it was critical to make it clear to customers that they would not have wifi access on site to download the voucher from their email.

Vouchers are scanned before allowing entry to the park, and are needed for both entry and for parking.

Ha'ena State Park Voucher Customers reveive a voucher pdf which can be scanned from their phone upon entry to the park.

Admin Section

In addition to handling the public facing website, the client required an administrator section.

Here, employees can view and edit reservations and transactions as needed. They can issue refunds, edit times and dates, and set specific limits on certain days. For instance, if they need to close the park down early for a particular evening they can still sell morning passes but limit evening passes.

Ha'ena State Park Admin Section A look at the admin section where Ha'ena State Park employees can view and edit reservations.